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Learning the correct methods to execute Pro D0mination and Financial D0mination can help propel your business, confidence, and overall profits for a successful journey. 

The correct guidance for your business can help you to avoid confusion, mistakes, and frustration that you may encounter if embarking on this industry on your own. With advice and methods that are taught from experience, you will become more prepared to align yourself with a successful business in the Pro D0mination industry. Being educated in this industry is everything.

Why You Should Learn From Mistress Marley:

Coming into this industry, I had a very difficult time finding existing classes/coursework online that could help guide me in my own personal journey. Now, with 6.5 years of experience and proven success under my belt, I have managed to build a 6 figure career from Pro D0mination work and special events pertaining to the field. I have successfully taught over 4000 + students and have created 300+ courses with an average of 5 star reviews and ratings (reviews available at bottom of page)

I have been featured on mainstream media platforms such as The New York Times, Buzzfeed, Vice TV, Playboy, Men's Health Magazine, Daily Mail, Essence Magazine Podcast, Refinery 29, and many more platforms highlighting my work and my focus on ensuring that others are taught the education they need to succeed in this industry both safely and confidently. 

I also own many other businesses, such as an event venue, lingerie line, and a party series. My dedication to success is unmatched and will be an asset to you as you learn these same skills to apply to your own business.




Niche Discovery and Specializations

Brand Building (Aesthetic, Style, Name, Branding)

Client Attraction and Retention 

Using Online Marketing Systems (Social Media, Email Marketing, Booking Forms)

Content Creation and Presentation

Receiving Funds

Advertisement and Engagement on the Net

Traveling in Pro D0mination

Self Care in Pro D0mination

Tools for Success in Financial D0mination

+ more!



Please note that all scheduled meeting times will be in EST. Please only sign up if you are serious about your journey. There are no refunds on sessions.


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